Schon Boden's Josie

Josie is a farm favorite coming from the famous Schon Boden farm.  Josie has produced white, silver, and dun calves.  She has a beautiful little silver heifer calf this year.  Josie is one of our herd matriarchs.  She is the mother to one of our top up-and-coming Highland dun bulls, WL Jaguar.  Josie passes her cool, calm and collected attitude on to her calves.  She is easy to halter and you can walk right up to her in the pasture and pet her.   

 Josie's Stats

Reg: 48770

Color: Dun

DOB: 4/14/09

Weight: 1495

Sire: Buckwheat of Gurholt

Dam: Schon Boden's Joy


Josie's Progeny

WL Jaguar (Finley Falls Duncan x Schon Boden's Josie)


WL Koko (Finley Falls Duncan x Schon Boden's Josie)



We can make custom calves and embryos with Josie and any of our bull selections.